Sunday, 30 May 2010

...Survives Teenagers!

Ok so...teenagers. This is a very touchy subject, and all you parents of teenagers out there know what I'm talking about here. The band My Chemical Romance sing of teenagers who "scare the living sh*t out of me". 

I have got two of them. You may have only one or you may have 6. At the time of writing, mine are 14 and 16. All full of hormones and letting the whole world know about it.  They've got an opinion on everything and they're always right. 

Sound familiar? At this point may I say that you have my sympathies. 

First a few pertinent questions: have you searched for this article because your teenagers are driving you crazy? Have you just lost your voice in the latest bout of yelling? Truth be told is all the energy you've got left going to your fingers while you type on your keyboard? Is the keyboard taking the brunt of it right now? Bashing those keys are we? YES? Then read on! This may help.

1. TAKE A DEEP BREATH: In fact take as many breaths as you think you need. This will give you some distance from the scenario and will defuse the intensity of the situation. It benefits both you and your beloved teenager, and gives you a chance to consider if this is really how you wish to engage with each other. This may be the end of it and you might not need to read any more. Congratulations, and have a great day. However, if after doing this you still feel the need to re-engage then please continue reading.

2. SAY YOUR PIECE: The operative word here being "say". Please try not to yell. When you have perfected this method, please email me and share how you did it without yelling. I was raised in a household where yelling was the norm, and even though as an adult I now understand the negative impact on the children when we yell, I still do it on occasions. It's rare but it does still happen. Try to remember your words are the same whether you yell or speak them. Say what you have to say, get your point across calmly and the chances are you will be heard. If you yell and stomp (I'm not a stomper by the way) then the message gets lost and they just won't hear you. Take as long as you need to, write it down if you have to, but get it out there. 

3.STICK TO THE FACTS and don't use accusatory blaming language. Say "When you did that, it made me feel_____", rather than "You're always acting up and you're so stupid and useless." Keep focused on the matter at hand, and avoid using this latest incident to personify your child. Consider pointing out the "...stupid thing you did.." rather than "'re so stupid.." Stay respectful and maintain your dignity at all times.

4. GIVE AND ASK FOR AN APOLOGY: It may or may not be appropriate for you to apologise, but this is for you to assess. If you think that your actions may have caused the argument in the first place then just apologise. Remember you're the adult, and you want to teach your teenager how an adult would behave. If they witness you engaging with them in a destructive way they will learn that this is how adults respond, and they will repeat the behaviour in their own adult life. If you think you deserve an apology then ask for one. It may not be forthcoming, but that is up to them. You only need to ask. Remember they are hormonal teenagers, and the last thing they want to do is accept they are wrong. Your job as the parent is to show them that sometimes you have to hold your hands up and take responsibility for your actions. Bear in mind that the apology may come many years down the line, when they are facing the same situation with their own teenagers.

5. TELL THEM YOU LOVE THEM: Why? Because you do. The bond between parent and child is not broken because of a temporary hormonal imbalance your child is enduring. Sometimes they need the reassurance of hearing that you love them. Be the adult and just say it.

6. WALK AWAY: This is such an important stage in an argument with your teenager. Leave the room and let what you have said sink in. It may or may not have an immediate impact but it will get through at some level, and walking away is a very powerful way of exercising self-control.

7. LET IT GO: Remember you want them to go out in to the big wide world fully kitted out with the toolbox of social skills. You're the parent. They won't learn these lessons at school. Also you have the benefit of experience. Your intensely hormonal teenager may think they know it all, but you really do know it all. This won't be the first time you have a disagreement, and the chances are it will happen again. Why exhaust yourself every time? Life really is too short, so give yourself a break and let it go. Rest assured they will remember and one day they will thank you for your calm, collected approach. 

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Monday, 24 May 2010

...Reflects On Loneliness.

I think I'm safe in making the following fairly bold statement : we do not live in lighthouses. 

If of course you do live in a lighthouse, and that is your preferred choice of abode, then I guess the contents of this probably won't appeal to you. I'm reaching out to those of you who are feeling isolated and lonely rather than those of us who are choosing solitude.

Being alone can be very isolating, whether you're at home with small children, craving adult conversation, or whether your children have grown up and left home, leaving you with crushing silence. A relationships may have ended, and you may be feeling as though your home has suddenly grown in size overnight! Or even if you don't have children, haven't just finished a relationship and you simply live alone. Whatever your particular situation you have found this article because you've realised you want things to change, and I'm going to try to help you.

It can often take a long time to realise that you're in what can, sometimes, be a damaging and wearing cycle of tension and emptiness that loneliness can bring. By the time you've realised it, often the temptation is to leave things well alone, because even though things may not be ideal, it's your comfort zone and we do love our comfort zones. 

But like I said, you're reading this because you do want things to change and you do want to get out of your comfort zone and create a new one. There are lots of different ways to achieve this and you really need to see which one appeals to you the most. 

So these are my tried and tested methods for getting out of this particular rut:

1. Get dressed  - sounds weird, I know but how many times have you sat at home in your pj's and not even bothered to get dressed? Come on, be honest!

2. Go out - even if you just step out of your house for a walk. The fresh air will do you good and immediately your perspective will start to alter. Wow! There is life outside my house after all!

3. Talk to people - contact your family and friends you've lost touch with, and make arrangements to meet up with them outside your house even if it's just for a coffee or a walk in the park.

4.  Get a hobby - take up an interest in architecture, or learn a new language. Do anything in fact that gets the old grey matter moving again. In fact it doesn't really matter what you do, but DO is the operative word here. Activity will stimulate your brain, which incidentally will also keep you young, and we all want that don't we! You'll also meet new people and widen your social circle.

5. Volunteer your time at a local old people's home or at a charity centre. Studies have proven that this type of contribution will benefit you equally as much as the people you're helping, giving you a renewed sense of value.

6. If you've got small children join a local mother and baby group - this will bring immeasurable benefits to both you and your children. If there isn't one near you, then how about starting one! 

So there you have it - my 6 simple suggestions for combating loneliness. These suggestions do not represent an exhaustive list by any means, and it's highly likely that a few of your own ideas will pop into your head whilst you're reading this. You don't have to do all of the above, and you don't have to do something every day - start with a commitment to do one thing just once a week. 

The key objective is for you to envisage yourself engaged in a healthy, positive activity that diminishes the sense of isolation you're feeling and enhances relaxation.

Disclaimer: this article is intended to be a guide for those readers who are experiencing mild frustration at their loneliness. If your symptoms are strong, then please seek advice from your health care provider.

...Shares Her 5 Favourite Stress Busters!

If you're ready to scream because the stress is getting too much for you, then try these 5 quick and easy methods to relieve the stress:

1. BE GRATEFUL for your life, and count your blessings. Look around you and make a list of 10 things to be grateful for, starting with the fact that you're breathing and the other 9 will follow easily. 

2. SMILE. Smiling releases masses of stress instantaneously. Try it now! Smile at others as well and spread the joy and good energy!

3. THINK POSITIVELY and if this is challenging for you, then start by finding just 3 things to be positive about. You could perhaps start with the positive feelings that you get from knowing you're going home from work soon, or you're getting paid soon! 

4. EXERCISE at least 3 times a week, for 30 minutes. This will help relieve stress in so many ways from releasing your toxins, and boosting your immunity, to increasing your stamina and of course getting you physically fit and trim! If you're at work now, then leave your desk and walk around the office for a few minutes - it will work wonders. 

5. BE KIND to yourself and to others. This is great for relieving stress because so often our stress levels rise because we feel that others have been unkind to us. My suggestion is to turn it on it's head and focus on our own kindness and this will result in us feeling less stressed. After all, why would we get stressed with others if we aren't even thinking about them, but instead focussing on our own kind behaviour?

So there you have it. My 5 easy stress busters, that you can do anywhere, to release you from the confinement of stress. 

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Sunday, 23 May 2010

...Shares 15 Easy Tips For Happiness!

Happiness is our birthright. When we see a small baby we instinctively squeal with delight at his or her first smile. Our natural human instinct is to lean is towards happiness, but as time passes and life's experiences unfold, we can sometimes lose our mojo. When that happens it can be hard to retain our sense of perspective and we can fall into the habit of negative thinking. Maybe money's tight, or your relationship has ended, or you had a row with your best friend. 

No matter what has happened to wipe that smile off your face, you must try to do whatever you can to put it back, and I don't mean eating another bar of chocolate or having another plate of macaroni cheese! 

Here's 15 things you can do today that will bring a smile to your face, if not get you laughing out loud!

1. Avoid negative people. I don't really need to expand on this one too much do I? You know who they are, and you know how they make you feel, and you know you need to avoid them.  If you can't avoid them altogether then at least keep them at arms length, and minimise your contact with them.

2. Stand in front of a mirror, look into your eyes and smile. Tell yourself how wonderful you are and that you deserve to be happy. Do this a few times a day, even if it feels silly. This works wonders to lift your spirits!

3. Avoid wearing black clothes, and inject some colour into your wardrobe. We tend to wear black when we want to make ourselves invisible and blend in with the walls (unless you're a vampire or Count Dracula?) No but really, wearing brighter colours will cheer you up. Get some pinks to feel more feminine, blue to feel calm and orange to get that spark of creativity flowing! 

4. Do some exercise and get some air into those lungs! We all know that regular activity benefits us enormously, both mentally and physically, even if it's just for 20 minutes a day. So take a brisk walk, run up and down your stairs a few times, do star jumps during the commercial breaks when you're watching TV. This will ensure you feel more energised and help you stay trim and fit, which will in turn have a knock-on positive effect on your mood.

5. Put on music that makes you happy, or with lyrics that cheer you up. Try Bach's Brandenburg Concerto's or Mozart's Ein Kleine Nachtmusik. If you prefer mainstream music then try Jimmy Cliff "I Can See Clearly Now" or Michael Jackson "The Way You Make Me Feel", "My Love" by Justin Timberlake or even Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" to name but a few. Anything that's definitely going to put a smile on your face.

6. Watch comedy shows, funny movies or go to a comedy night. Happiness is the aim here and what could be better than laughing?

7. Decide to be happy. Habits are formed very easily and if we simply decide to be happy then it will become a habit. Aristotle said "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit."  

8. Say yes to your dreams. All too often we want a better lifestyle, or a more fulfilling relationship, or a slimmer bodybut we look at what we have now, which may be a far cry from the ideal life of our dreams, and in our frustration we kill the dream off before it's even started to develop. Instead, let the seed of the dream take root, and you will find that in a very short time, things will start happening that will help turn that dream a reality. You might meet someone wonderful, or you might get a great new job offer, and this will happen simply because you said yes to your dreams and allowed them to unfold.

9. Fake it till you make it! This is one of my personal favourites. It doesn't mean if I act like a billionaire then I'm necessarily going to become one, but it does mean that my confidence is boosted, I'll stand taller and feel elevated. All of these are going to make me feel happier, and I'll give off a happier vibe, and as a result I'll attract positive experiences and positive people. Cultivate an internal sense that's always pointed towards happiness.

10. Smile! :) This is surprisingly simple, but it works a treat. Smiling at others is always lovely, and others love to see a smiling person, so go on - try it now!

11. Bloom where you're planted. 3 years ago, I had to move 200 miles away from my friends, my parents and my partner, and I hated it. My entire support network was gone overnight. I did everything I could to avoid putting roots down in my new home. I kept telling myself it was a temporary move, and that I'd be back before I knew it. And as might be expected, I got more and more miserable. So I decided to heed my own advice, and try to make the best of it. I joined a gym, I started to socialise more, made lots of new friends and now I know that wherever I find myself geographically, I can be happy mentally. And I am!

12. See the silver lining, because every cloud has one. If a relationship has ended, consider the reasons it's ended and be glad because now you can attract the person who is more suited to you - someone who wants to be with you, rather than the person who was happier with his friends. Someone who can't wait to spend the rest of his life with you, rather than the person who hesitates when marriage is mentioned. When you're sick and your body isn't as healthy as it was, use the time convalescing to review your lifestyle, your diet, and fitness routine. This will give you a renewed focus and allow your body to heal from a mentally positive perspective.

13. Believe and have faith in a Higher Power, whether that's God, Allah, the Jedi Master or The Universal Great Lord, and trust that your happiness matters to that Higher Power. This will enhance your sense of value, as well as renewing your confidence and allowing you to relax into a happier frame of mind. Someone else has got your back, and you're always safe.

14. Contribute to the community and help others in an area that means something to you. Run the marathon for charity or volunteer at a local charity shop. The beneficial attributes here are self explanatory.  

15. Remember tomorrow is another day! You get another chance to do it all over again, and the best part is you can improve on what you did today, tweak a few things here and there, and relax - it's never going to be perfect. But you've done your best, and that's all you ever need to do.

This article was originally entitled "10 Things to Make You Happy Today" but the more I wrote, the more things I found that make me happy, and the same will happen for you too. Look for reasons to be happy and you'll find them. See, there's number 16!

Disclaimer: Please seek advice from a healthcare professional if you are experiencing extreme bouts of unhappiness or depression. The writer cannot take responsibility for any reliance that is placed on the contents of this article, without the reader doing their own research to accompany it.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

...Lets Go Of Those Negative Memories!

So you're sitting with your head in your hands lamenting the whole packet of donuts you just ate or that date you went on with Mr/Miss Bizzarro. Or any number of scenarios that we all regret day in and day out. Our internal dialogue yells at us "When will I stop making such stupid mistakes? How dumb can a person be?" 

Whenever Im feeling guilty or embarrassed about a poor judgement call I've made in the past, this is what I do:

1. STOP! Don't allow your mind to take over and keep reminding you of your mistake. This is dangerous and it can lead you onto a downward spiral of negativity which will only serve to delay your personal growth and wear you out before you've started. I will often say to myself in a gently persuasive voice, something like "Come on Mumtaz don't go there now." And that's all it takes to stop the spiral from taking hold.

2. LOVE myself more than I love my best friend. That way I'm guaranteed to be kind to myself. Who sits across the table from their best friend and calls them a lazy, fat and useless failure? You just wouldn't do it! So why are we so prepared to do it to ourselves? As an aside, if your friends do say those things to you then really you need some new friends. Your current friends are not helping you grow as a person. Trust me on this one. Speak kindly to yourself, with love, compassion and forgiveness and treat yourself with the utmost respect. Stand tall and smile.

3. APPROACH the painful or negative memory from a new angle. We always make decisions on the basis of the information we had at that particular time, so I will tell myself that if I had more information at the time, my decision would possibly have been different. The past is done with and I can't change it. I did my best with the facts and resources I had at the time. That's all there is to it, and this is where I am now.

4. DEFINE a new intention regarding the negative memories and adopt that as the replacement feeling for the old memory. 

Before you know it, regrets will be a thing of the past. Instead of dwelling on the past negatively, you'll start to see it more as a reference library of how you used to do things as compared to your new improved way. 

You may have to practise this a few times, but eventually you'll be doing it without even noticing it, and you'll be patting yourself on the back for a job well done!

Monday, 17 May 2010

...Talks About Overcoming Adversity, Obstacles And Baking Meringues!

I always wanted to learn how to make meringues but was put off due to the misconception that they had to be left overnight in a warm oven to set. I mean really! Who can be bothered? So when I said wistfully that I'd never been keen on making them because of the time-consuming process, my daughter chipped in "You just whisk the egg whites with sugar till it's firm then bake for 40 minutes and they're done Mum!"

Suddenly it all seemed so simple. And it made me reflect how that brief conversation was a mirror of what happens to us all at some point or another in our lives. It boils down to this - life's so simple when you know how. 

Overcoming obstacles is easy when you know how. 

But consider this. How many times have you been put off from doing something because you're frightened of the potential outcome (which *in our heads* is usually a negative one)? Speaking for myself, even though I've displayed copious quantities of Boadicean bravery, there have been a few times in my life when the paralysis fear of failure brings has set in and it's resulted in my just walking away without even trying. Or I've tolerated a bad situation because I was afraid of the consequences of upsetting the status quo. Granted, this has only happened on those occasions when I didn't know how to do something and there was nobody in my life who was willing or available to help, but happen it did.

Now there's the school of thought that says "if at first you don't succeed, try try again", but I'm rather inclined to believe that the phrase wouldn't have been invented if there wasn't a huge number of people opting not to "try try again".

So many of us give up without trying, because the fear of failure and of looking silly in front of our peers is simply mortifying. We'd rather not go there thank you very much. 

But I do firmly believe that overcoming adversity is one of life's key functions. It's what tests our mettle and it gets us out of our oh-so-comfortable comfort zones. But what if the adversity cannot be avoided? What if the very safety of our beloved comfort zones is destroyed?

Adversity comes in many forms and in recent years we have truly been tested globally with an alarming increase in man-made terrors as well as those meted out by divinity - terrorist attacks, tsunamis, volcanoes, floods and hurricanes to mention but a few. My personal approach in tackling challenges in my life has been to firstly assess and then take the best positive steps to overcome any given obstacle, combined with a calm acceptance that no matter what the outcome, at least I have tried.

This two-fold approach of action combined with positive expectation is a very powerful combination and small successes will inevitably lead to a willingness, or even a daring if you will, to attempt to overcome even larger obstacles. 

11 years ago my first marriage ended after a long and weary battle of which I was a reluctant but necessary participant. It left me depleted of my energy, my faith in men and my passion for life. Furthermore, I found myself homeless with a 6 year old and a 4 year old, with no money, no job and very little going for me. But at no time did I stop and lament over what I had lost, instead I set about making a new life for myself and my children, and rebuilding our shattered lives. I did have bad days and there were lots of tears but through it all I kept on moving and I didn't lose my focus. 

I'm very lucky and my immediate family was utterly wonderful, and their loving support was crucial in the creation of the fantastic life I now have with my two beautiful children. However, the key factor was my own sheer determination that I was going to succeed in overcoming my obstacles. It was my personal Everest and I climbed it and planted the flag of Mumtaz Hussain square on the summit. I always knew I had to keep going no matter what, and I always knew it would work out in the end. I didn't always know how, but I put my faith in God and I knew it would work out. Failure wasn't an option and stopping wasn't an option. I kept on going, and throughout my (sometimes extremely arduous and soul-destroying) journey, I surrounded myself with people who loved me and supported me no matter what. For that I am truly grateful and I shall be for all of eternity. Now I have my own law practice, I run an online business and I manage rental property, I drive a gorgeous car and regularly take foreign holidays. 

Materially speaking, my life is amazing. But the really painful obstacles I had to overcome were those created in my heart and in my mind as a result of the initial betrayal and subsequent cruel hardship I and my small children experienced at the hands of someone who I shall only describe as a very lost man. I say that because no matter what, he is and will remain the father of my children. I do not intend to cast him in the role of evil wrongdoer. He was simply playing his part.

Those emotional obstacles are predictably taking a little longer to overcome, but I'm getting there. A broken bone can be healed and its progress can be charted quite neatly, but emotional pain is harder to overcome and healing at that level is far more complex. It requires a huge amount of forgiveness, compassion, certainty and lots of self belief and self encouragement. 

And now that I'm happy with myself and the new life I've fashioned for myself, I'm able to say quite unequivocally that I definitely do want to get married again. It took me a long time to be able to say that out loud!

I'm in no rush though because I also know that when that wonderful person comes into my life, we will both know that we should be together, and I trust that it will happen effortlessly and beautifully. I do want to find myself in that carefree place where I can smile on the inside and trust again. I have been there before, I've experienced it with every fibre of my being and let me tell you, it's spectacular. And what's more, I deserve it.

I'm worth it, to quote a well-known cosmetic brand!

I know it's just a matter of time until I'm there again, I can feel it with just as much certainty as I'd know my broken bones had healed...let's just say I'm a work in progress. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's not an oncoming train this time!

So armed with the knowledge that I can rebuild a broken life, hey what's a few broken eggs to make a meringue? I'll give it a go and if I get stuck, my daughter's always here to lend a helping hand. Or there's always the supermarket!

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Disclaimer: If you're currently experiencing difficulties in your own life then please note that the writer cannot accept liability for any reliance that is placed on the contents of this article. This is a personal account of overcoming adversity. Please consult your health practitioner.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

...Talks About Being A Muslim Woman In 21st Century Britain.

I'm extremely proud to call myself a Muslim and I'm proud to say my faith means a lot to me. I don't wear hijjab but I don't dress immodestly either, and I've never drunk alcohol or taken any recreational drugs of any sort. I only eat halal food and I only buy meat from halal butchers.

All of these standards are personal to and tailor-made for me and stem from my Islamic faith. 

I'd like to be able to say that because I live in England in 2010 it's easier for me to embrace my Islamic faith freely & devote more time to the beauty that is to be found in the fundamentals of Islamic teachings. England provides an environment that is far more tolerant towards women than most Islamic countries, but even so, I'm saddened at the realisation that I cannot wholeheartedly say that I'm totally relaxed about my Islamic heritage & living an Islamic life. 

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to live in the patriarchal setting of, say, Saudi Arabia where women cannot drive, have fewer rights than men in family matters, and are generally treated as second class citizens. In Afghanistan it is well documented that under Taliban rule, young girls were not allowed to be educated and even now the old regime still has a terrifying grip on social attitudes towards females in the community. For the women in those countries, living a strictly Islamic life is compulsory. It is simply not negotiable.

I am a proud mum of a teenage daughter and I'm well aware that her life has been relatively carefree and as a result she has carved a gleaming educational path for herself. This simply would not have been the case in Saudi, Afghanistan or Pakistan. At the same time I've taught her the tenets of her cultural heritage and she has the same respect for Islam that I do. 

The difficulty sometimes arises when we try to fit in to British culture. It's extremely difficult for us to hear the words muttered and uttered by racist minorities pertaining to "returning home". When the England football team is playing Italy or France, we are English and proud of it. When the British General Election results in a hung parliament, we debate the pros and cons for the benefit of the country as a whole from our standpoint as British citizens. We want to fit in here. This is our home, always has been and always will be.

Upon closer inspection however I guess the truth is I don't really fit in anywhere. My parents came to this country at a very young age (my mum at 8 and my dad at 17) hoping to make a better life for themselves. They did a marvellous job of it & I'm proud to say that they've never claimed social security benefits, have always worked and contributed to the economy. My father started his first business at the tender age of 22 when there was no Business Link, no business support groups or forums and certainly no networking organisations. He had been in England for a mere 4 years. 

I and all my siblings were born here in England and were all privately educated. I speak English better than my mother tongue, although I can get by in my mother tongue. I can cook practically anything (good Muslim girl) and I run a tight ship at home (good Muslim girl - home-maker being the Muslim woman's key role), but I'm a divorced single mum (bad Muslim girl). It has to be said that a lot of the judgements in brackets (although slightly tongue in cheek) come from the Muslim communities here in England. In the eyes of the wider British community however I'm an accomplished woman. 

Therefore (and I say this with a heavy heart) for me there is an underlying sense of nomadic lack of belonging. The irony is I don't fit in when I go back to my parent's mother country either. And even more ironic is that neither do they. There is an entire community of first generation immigrants from the Indian Sub-Continent who live not just in England, but around the world, and who carry with them an innate sense of disconnection, akin almost to living in another dimension. The customs and traditions they brought with them to their host countries no longer apply "back home" because things have moved on and developed in their homelands, and the same customs do not sit comfortably with established British cultural routines. So a unique enclave is created for the immigrants and their descendants, which is gradually diluted as amalgamation into the host country deepens generationally.

That amalgamation is a good thing in my opinion, and embracing and adopting other cultures and traditions will always bring benefits, particularly when accompanied by mutual respect, understanding, tolerance and acceptance. 

I am tremendously proud to call myself a Muslim especially in 2010 when there is so much negative propaganda surrounding Islam and it's teachings. 

Islam is a beautiful faith, which teaches love, tolerance and patience. It has been corrupted in part by misguided people who seek to use the power contained in prescribed religion to create terrible hardships and to control the masses. However, ultimately a false impression of the Islamic way of life is their one true lasting creation. 

I am also very happy that my parents settled here in England because the opportunities that have been afforded to me would simply not have been available had they opted to settle in Turkey or Saudi Arabia or even America. The task at hand for me and for many other Muslim women is to accept our differences with pride and to embrace the similarities. 

It is crucial that we be grateful for this amazing opportunity where we can freely choose to live as Muslim women in a secular, tolerant and democratic country rather than having an Islamic way of life being forced upon us.

Whilst writing this, I became so absorbed I forgot to put dinner on for the kids and forgot to do the laundry (bad muslim girl).

disclaimer: the opinions expressed in this article are personal to the writer and do not in any way represent the views of any group, community or nation. Please do not place any reliance on the contents of this article without doing your own independent research.